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What it covers provides a resource for those interested in the media industries and the 'information economy'.

Development of the site is ongoing. It currently provides a short history, an annotated bibliography, a description of major holdings and a chronology for around 300 media groups. A list of the major groups is here.

Most of those groups operate across the globe. We have included some businesses that operate only in Australia and New Zealand, along with some public sector broadcasters. We have also included a handful of defunct groups (eg Maxwell in the UK and Curtis in the US) because they offer a historical perspective.

The groups include newspaper and magazine publishers, recording companies, film/video production and distribution groups, broadcasters and academic/technical publishers.

The site includes a broader timeline covering media activity in the West since 1712 and profiles of some major advertising groups such as Dentsu, WPP, Publicis and Omnicom.


Access to the site is free.


An indication of the overall structure of the site is provided by the map.

The site comprises around 650 pages. The site map points to basic components. Most profiles have a number of subsidiary pages.

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